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Alameda Natural Grocery

1650 Park Street Alameda, CA 94501
115 on Yelp

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Alameda Natural Grocery

The East Bay's best store for local & organic produce, natural & organic groceries, specialty foods, supplements, personal care, green home goods and more.


Randall Owczarzak


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Alameda, CA

Alameda Beer, Wine & Spirits Stores
Adjacent to San Francisco and situated squarely on the beach, Alameda California combines a laid back, coastal lifestyle with an extensive selection of regional and international wines & spirits. This is typified by Alameda Natural Grocery, a locally owned store that places an emphasis on curating a collection of all-natural and organic options for the discerning members of the Alameda CA community. Their carefully curated selection is equally as reflected in their selection of spirits, and you an always count on a pleasant experience when you're looking for beer, wine & spirits shopping. With a ten dollar minimum on wine & spirits delivery service, you can enjoy a cold drink on a beach in Alameda CA without having to spend a fortune.
Popular Beer, Wine & Spirits Store Products
Residents in Alameda California love to kick back with a drink after a long day, and the access of wine & spirits online and beer online means they don't have to waste all afternoon shopping. The commitment to quality wine & spirits is prominently reflected in their cocktail craft mixer available at the Alameda Natural Grocery. The Natural Grocery places an emphasis on all-natural ingredients, so you can rest easy knowing you'll be able to mix a wide variety of classic and experimental cocktails without having to ingest chemicals. With pure ingredients like cinnamon, allspice, and turbinado sugar, it's a great way to drink responsibly.
Online Beer, Wine & Spirits Ordering in Alameda
Everyone deserves the opportunity to just relax, and Mercato makes it easy to order beer and get wine & spirits delivery directly to your door. You can place an order up to a month in advance, and Mercato lets you set up hour long windows so you'll be ready for when your delivery is going to arrive. You won't have to worry about hunting through aisles or lugging your wine and spirits across town when you trust them to handle the process for you, and their services are reasonably priced whether you're just looking to pick up a few mixers or stock your home for an upcoming party.
  • Angela P. Alameda, CA
     3 months ago 
    Super easy to order and pick up! Then get your fresh fish from JP Seafood! <3
  • Sue Y. Berkeley, CA
     9 months ago 
    Whoever talked to me on the phone (after I sent my online order in too late to purchase what I wanted) was the kindest man in the world, and saved the day by modifying my order to what he had in the store that would also do beautifully for my planned dinner,, and even threw in some chicken feet and a head for my chicken broth, which turned out to be the best I've ever made! Fantastic service! The driver was wonderful too, very cheerful and upbeat.
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