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In Alex’s own words: “I first made this wine in 2017 as an accident born from lack of space and laziness. I had a half barrel of Dolcetto rosato actively fermenting when my Riesling came in the door. I was pressing it off late at night and I had filled up my holding tank but there was still some juice in the press pan. I really didn’t feel like cleaning another 300 gallon tank for 30 gallons of juice so I said, ‘Screw it. I’ve had Riesling from Piedmont before’ and pumped it into the Dolcetto barrel. The result far exceeded my expectations. After harvest I took a vacation down in Mexico, chilled on the beach, and took a bunch of LSD. This wine is an homage to that trip and the unexpected yet welcome variants of life. It’s usually the things you never dreamed of that make the largest impact. In 2018 I started making this wine on purpose.” Vintage: 2020 Grapes: 50% Riesling, 50% Dolcetto Style: Rosé Wine Alcohol Content: 12% Alcohol by Volume Vineyard: Sunnyside Vineyard, Barncat Vineyard Appellation: Willamette Valley Viticulture: LIVE Certified (Sunnyside Vineyard), Practicing Organic (Barncat Vineyard) Soils: Jory (Sunnyside Vineyard), Cornelius and Kinton Silt Loams (Barncat Vineyard) Elevation: 630 feet (Sunnyside Vineyard), 250 feet (Barncat Vineyard) Yeasts: Indigenous Vinification: 2 barrels were co-fermented. 1 barrel of each Dolcetto and Riesling were blended in two weeks before bottling. Dolcetto had a four day cold maceration prior to pressing and ferment. Riesling was direct press. Aging: Aged on gross lees in same barrel as ferment for 5 months Production: 190 cases of 750mL Bottles