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Art Cream

Art Cream Ice Cream, Chocolate - 16 Ounces

$7.99 each

Hand crafted Swiss and Belgian chocolate. Made with organic milk & cream. Family farm. Single herd. Craft made. Happy cows. Happy people. Thank you for purchasing our ice cream. In supporting our brand you are supporting family farms, sustainable dairy practices, fair wages and voicing freedom from corporate domination of the ice cream business. What makes us different? There are few simple things that are essential to a good life. We believe that one of the most important is to know that what you eat is made with love and good intentions. When we create a great food we are creating works of art to be shared with our family and friends. To that end when we make our ice cream we are creating works of that we want to share with the world. Our heart and soul is going into every pint. We believe that we have created something special - a work of art to share with you. Our artisan ice cream is made in small batches using 100% certified organic milk and cream from a family owned single source dairy herd. We can even tell you the names of the cows. No-one else can claim that! We obtain our other ingredients from small ethically run suppliers. Everything that we use in our ice cream has to be natural, sustainable and taste really good! We never use corn syrup or artificial sweeteners - we use real sugar. We only make what we would serve to our own family and friends. We want to share that with you. Enjoy! Like us on Facebook! To read more please go to our website at Email questions to: Questions(at)