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Capers - 1 Pint

$11.50 each

Our beautiful capers feature a briny, tangy, and a touch of lemony taste. These small capers possess heavy taste while offering you a charming aroma. With its tangy and salty touch, these capers can be added to any dish of your choice. However, the capers tho tiny are mighty in flavor, which is why we suggest you taste as you add them. Their texture and tanginess is a delightful addition, that can be used in pasta’s, sauces, and a number of fish dishes. These capers are packed to ensure a burst of fresh and bold flavors. Our simple mix really brings out their flavor and texture, so you can enjoy them in different ways. Truly a must-have addition to any cooks pantry. The capers are a true delight that comes with an all-American taste.