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Certified Organic
Dr Bronners

Dr Bronners Hand Sanitizer, Organic, Peppermint - 2 Ounces

$4.52 each

Misc: 99.9% effective against germs. Certified Fair Trade. The fair trade organic peppermint oil in this hand sanitizer is sourced from Pavitramenthe in India-where we've worked with farmers to implement regenerative practices like low-till seeding, crop rotation, composting & cover cropping to build biomass, reduce erosian and to sequester atmospheric carbon! Contains at least 95% fair for Life Fair Trade certified ingredients, following a transitory mass-balance approach for ethyl alcohol. All-one! Magic Soaps: In all we do, let us be generous, fair & loving to Spaceship Earth and all its inhabitants. For we're all-one or none! All-one! Family soapmakers since 1858. 6th: Absolute cleanliness is Godliness! Balanced food for body-mind-soul-spirit is our medicine! Dr.Bronner's is Certified: Fair for life; OTCO; Not animal tested; Non GMO Project verified.; Certified Vegan. USDA Organic. Oregon Tilth Certified Organic. 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottle! Made in USA.