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Drowned Lands Nipperkin, Best Bitter (4 x 16 oz.)

$20.00 each

Best Bitter / New York / 4.5%

This English-style Bitter is brewed with Maris Otter malt and a touch of British light crystal. They hopped this one in the kettle with Target and East Kent Goldings, then threw a bunch of Olicana--a newer English hop prized for its uncharacteristically fruity aroma and flavor profile--into the whirlpool. As much as Drowned Lands love pushing the boundaries with new-age ingredients and flavor profiles, they also have a deep admiration for tradition and the styles of beer that influenced American Beer in the first place. This deep-orange Summer Bitter was brewed to be refreshing, delicious, and effortlessly drinkable. Expects notes of medium-rare roast, marmalade-slathered biscuits, freshly foraged countryside blackberries, English Breakfast tea, and a silver platter of recently plucked under-ripe peaches.