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Ducktrap Kendall Brook Salmon - 16 Ounces

$30.00 each

Naturally smoked from fresh salmon. Pre-sliced. About Ducktrap River of Maine. Ducktrap River of Maine produces the finest smoked salmon available. We have perfected the ideal recipe for cold-smoking salmon in small batches at our smokehouse in Belfast, Maine. To produce this cold smoked salmon we use salmon fillets enriched in a natural flavorful recipe of salt, cane sugar, herbs and spices and then enhanced by a long cold smoking process using native Maine fruitwoods and hardwoods. This traditional and time-consuming method creates a mild cure reminiscent of the finest European smoked salmon yet is distinctly American. The result is a rich and delicate blend of both the woods and the sea. Ducktrap River of Maine smoked salmon contains no artificial preservatives or ingredients. Astaxanthin: the carotenoids (nutrients in the same family as vitamin A) used in the feed of farm-raised salmon are identical to the natural carotenoids consumed by salmon and trout in the wild and are the source of the natural color of these fish. No dyes are use.