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Faroe Islands Salmon, Portion - 8 Ounce Average

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(Fresh, Farmed) Our fresh, never frozen Faroe Islands salmon portions are some of the best tasting and most sustainable salmon you’ll ever taste. Thanks to our direct relationships with farms in the remote Faroe Islands, including Bakkafrost, we’re able to deliver the finest salmon direct from the source. Faroe Islands salmon is rich and buttery, a beautiful vibrant orange, with tender flakes and a melt-in-the-mouth texture, making it a favorite with the world’s most renowned chefs. The pristine conditions of the deep-water fjords of the North Atlantic, with cool, steady temperatures and strong currents guarantee a consistently superior salmon that your family will love. Don’t forget to crisp up the skin for a deliciously crispy treat.

8oz skin-on portion
No added hormones or antibiotics with non-GMO feed.
The farms in the Faroe Islands are among the most sustainable in the world, and adhere to strict standards set forth by third party NGOs.
The Faroe Islands is in the “goldilocks zone” of the Gulf Stream, with cold water temperatures that are ideal for raising premium salmon.
The Faroe Islands are extremely remote, with offshore pens in deep-water fjords accessible only by boat, with no contact with humans, villages or infrastructure.
By contrast, the western shores of Scotland and Norway can find greater extremes of cold and warmth which stress the fish, creating an environment that is not as healthy.
Pan sear salmon portions skin side down first in a hot pan to crisp up the skin, then flip and cook to your liking.

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