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Certified Organic
Hawthorne Valley

Hawthorne Valley Ginger Carrots, Wild Fermented - 15 Ounces

$11.49 each

USDA Organic. Gluten free. Vegan. Non GMO. Gut + smart. Raw. Probiotic. Live. Guts smart and just plain good. Organic cabbage, carrots, ginger and onion have been wild fermented through a traditional process that preserves nutrients and vitamins, while creating rich probiotics and beneficial enzymes. Probiotics have been shown to benefit gut, brain and immune health. This small batch creation is great with any meal or just eaten straight out of the jar! Unconventional by nature Hawthorne Valley. Hawthorne Valley is New York's oldest Biodynamic Farm, residing on a diversified 900 acres in the Hudson Valley. We believe that healthy soil means a healthy planet and healthy people. Healthy. Soil. People. Planet. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter.