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Imported Sicilian Dry Capers of Pantelleria

$15.50 each

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With a surprisingly nutty taste and crispy texture, Giannetti Artisans crunchy Sicilian Dry Capers of Pantelleria are hard to resist! Widely recognized for their high quality and unique taste, Sicilian Dry Capers from Pantelleria are the only ones to have earned an IGP (protected geographical status). With mild, almost floral flavor these “capperi panteschi” grow in mineral-rich volcanic soil which produces tastier, sweeter capers. After manual harvest, the capers are placed under salt for about 25 days to undergo lactic acid fermentation. During this period, the capers are constantly monitored, stirred and adjusted for salt. Once ready, they are sorted by size. Capers are then carefully washed to remove salt and then placed in a small dehydrator and dried until crunchy. The resulting capers are immediately jarred to keep out moisture and preserve their satisfying crunch. Try these crispy capers tossed in a salad to give it some texture, sprinkle over classic baked potatoes, or use as a garnish on grilled seafood or roasted vegetables. Ingredients: Dried capers 100% (0.88 OZ)

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