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Jenis Ice Cream

Jenis Ice Cream Ice Cream, Savannah Buttermint - 16 Ounces

$14.99 each

A buttery after dinner mint ice cream with white chocolate flecks. Savannah Buttermint is inspired by those melt-in-your-mount pillow mint candies in the restaurants of our grandparents' generation. Minty and very buttery, the white chocolate flecks give the ice cream a pronounced creaminess. Soft and sophisticated, but surprisingly salty, it'll conjure up visions of high society ladies in Savannah donning white gloves at garden tea parties.

Jeni has never been a fan of mint ice creams. But when she opened her first ice cream stand in 2002, she knew she had to offer something to the mint-loving crowd. Her challenge: Could she create a mint ice cream that she could love? Savannah Buttermint was Jeni’s answer. “It’s the opposite of a mint chocolate chip,” Jeni says. “It’s this salty, white mint chocolate chip. So it’s familiar to the palate with little crunchy bits in it.” For nearly 20 years, Jeni resisted creating the classic green mint and chocolate flavor.