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Just Egg

Just Egg Sous Vide Egg Bites, Inspired By Mexico - 4 Each

$14.48 each

No artificial flavors. Egg-free. Dairy-free. Cholesterol-free. Non-GMO. Made from plants (not chicken). Sous vide plant egg bites. Inspired by Mexico: Roasted poblanos, ancho chili powder, black beans, corn, lime. Inspired by Mexico, made from pants. Corn, beans and chiles: The three staples of Mexican cuisine. This Just Egg Sous Vide bite is textured with velvety black beans and brightened with a zest of lime. Whole, sweet corn kernels add a buttery richness that complements earthy, roasted poblano peppers and smoky, chipotle chili. Learn more at Just egg sous vide. Learn more about our products at