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Kiddu Vanilla Pod - 2 Pack - 0.54 OZ

$9.49 each

Our finest hand-picked vanilla encompassing a complex host of beautiful flavour including butterscotch with notes of caramel and almond. Pure and versatile, ideal for a range of applications including panna cotta, pastry creams, puddings, and even your own homemade ice cream.

Each deep brown pod is bursting with flavour, so you will only need to use a single pod at a time, unless you are making a large dessert for a big group of friends. Once split and the contents scraped out for your recipe, make further use of the empty pod, for instance by placing and infusing it in a sugar jar. Wrap the unused pod back in the wax paper and reseal it in the pouch, keeping it in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

If the pods are well-kept, they’ll continue to develop even greater intensity over time, a bit like a fine wine. Keep a look out for the tell-tale crystals which are a hallmark of true premium, properly conditioned vanilla.

Check out our blog for some great recipe ideas, and send us pictures of your own fantastic culinary creations via Instagram.