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Manchego Villadharo Curado

$39.95 per lb

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Cheese maker Maria Gonzalez has a rich family history of cheese making. Hailing from Villaesuca de Haro, Cuenca (south east of Madrid), Maria makes one of the best representations of true, honest, artisanal Manchego we have ever tasted. Starting with her great grandfather hearding a flock of 50 sheep and great grandmother making cheese for their family, this tradition has been handed down from generation to generation. Still using her great grandmothers recipe, Maria and her father have married decades of research into breeding, genetics, and animal nutrition with tradition they have successfully built a production of top notch Manchego. The Semi Curado (aged for a minimum of 3 months) is rich, creamy, and lactic with notes of fresh nuts. The Curado ( aged for a minimum of 6 months) has a spicier more acidic profile, salty with more robust nuttiness.