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Pickled Pineapples - 1 Quart

$17.00 each

Our pickled pineapples bring forward a fresh and sweet taste of pineapples paired with touches of tangy flavor. The pickled pineapples are an all-time favorite, as they go beautifully with almost every savory dish. Its unique collaboration is what takes you by surprise, as you take a bite you feel the juice running from the pineapples, offer you a sweet taste with a sour mix. What makes the picked pineapples such a great addition to your pantry is its bizarre taste. As it can easily be topped on to any salad of your choice, served on the side of appetizers, or just top off your pizza or any sandwich of your choice. Prepared using a traditional method the pickled pineapples ensure a sense of freshness, along with a powerful taste that will be mellowed down by other contrasting shades.