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Project 7

Project 7 Gummy Bears - 1.7 Ounces

$3.78 each

No artificial flavors. 6 net carbs. 3 g sugar per bag. 60 calories. Gummy Bears: Calories 60; Net Carbs 6g; Sugar 3g; Plant-based; Yes; Artificial ingredients; No. Other Less Sugar Gummy Bears: Calories 110; Net Carbs 18; Sugar 4g; Plant-based; No; Artificial ingredients; No. Leading Full Sugar Gummy Bears: Calories 167; Net Carbs 38g; Sugar 23g; Plant based; No; Artificial ingredients; Yes. Our gummy bears contain 3 grams of sugar and the leading gummy bear contains 23 grams of sugar (Based on 50 g serving size). Net Carbs: 38 g carbs - 19 g fiber - 13 g allulose = 6 g net carbs. No artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives. Good source of fiber. Plant based. Magical menu. Front porch lemonade. Grapefruit spritz. Blackberry kiss. Kiwi sublime. Hawallan sunrise. Strawberry fields. No sugar alcohols. Plant-based recipe (no gelatin). Made with natural flavors & colors. 6 whimsical flavors. What�s in your gummy bear? Other less sugar gummy bears. Leading full sugar gummy bears. Allulose is a non-artificial sweetener that is found in foods like raisins and figs. Made in the USA.