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Q Tonic Water, Light - 4 Each

$5.79 each

Q Drinks light tonic 20 calories per serving. Regular tonic 80 calories per serving. Less than 1/2 the calories of regular tonic. Non GMO Project verified. Real ingredients. Less sweet. Great spirits deserve superb light tonic water. A light tonic water should cut calories - not flavor. I made Q light Tonic Water to be the best tasting light tonic water in the world. Crisp, clean, and highly carbonated, it's exactly what you and your gin, vodka, and rum are looking for. Enjoy! - Jordan. Founder. Imagine your favorite drink even better. It began in 1638, when the countess of Chinchon fell violently ill. Her husband, the Spanish viceroy in Peru, begged the local Incas for an antidote. The Incas graciously gave her a potion from the ground bark of the native Quinquina tree. Days later she was cured. In her honor, the Spanish renamed the Peruvian tree the Cinchona tree. 200 years later, a few Ingenious British officers in the Indian army improved the bitter Quinine medicine by mixing it with soda, sugar and gin. The original gin and tonic was born. Learn more at Please recycle.