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Realgood Breakfast Sandwiches - 4 Count

$9.29 each

Cauliflower made with cheesy bread. 4 sausage, egg & cheddar cheese on a cauliflower cheesy bread. 6 g total carbs per serving. 18 g total protein per serving. Gluten free. Grain free. Guilt free. Real breakfast you feel good about eating. Delish sandwiches. Made with cauliflower cheesy bread. They said - it isn't possible. They said - it wouldn't taste good. They - were wrong. Real breakfast you feel good about eating. Welcome to the family. We are honored by you choosing our almost no carb, high protein cauliflower encrusted breakfast sandwiches. We have put a lot of heart into this and would love to hear from you. Check us out (at) or (at)realgoodfoods. Instagram. Facebook. If you feel like it, let us know what you think by texting or calling us at 818-299-4179.