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Red Horseradish - 1 Pint

$8.50 each

Our hard to resist red horseradish sauce is the perfect collaboration between two stunning vegetables. Horseradish and beet juice are combined together to bring forward a condiment like no other. Its beautiful texture comes with a spicy touch, that works perfectly with different dishes. Allowing you to expiriment by pairing it with different dishes and using it as a side. When you think of red horseradish you are instantly taken to the freshness of beets paired with a taste of tangy and sharp horseradish. Making it a wild yet loveable taste that is widely loved with salads, sandwiches, burgers, and soups. A flavor that is one of its kind, and is crafted to fit your all-American taste buds. With heaps of stong and sensual flavors, the red horseradish is a must-have addition in your pantry. As it offers you a unique taste, enhancing your love for different combinations.