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Scarzello Langhe Nebbiolo  - 750 Milliliters

$25.90 each

Tasting Notes: The Scarzello Langhe Nebbiolo has delicate floral and fruit aromas on the nose, particularly of small forest berries, and a spiciness that increases with age. On the palate, the wine is dry and concise, with good tannins.

Estate History: A small, 12 acre vineyard located in the heart of Barolo, the Scarzello estate has a long and impressive history. Since its very beginning some three-hundred years ago, having been one of the only estates not owned by the extremely powerful Marchese Falletto (the grandfather of the Barolo wine), Scarzello has prided itself on its independence and its individuality. This tradition continues in full-force today, as the property remains to be family-owned and operated just as it has been for the past eight generations. The current winemaker and oenologist is Federico Scarzello. Using mostly traditional cultivation and wine-making techniques, with a few modern exceptions, Federico continues to improve the quality of the wines and to preserve the acclaim of the vineyard.