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Soft Shell Crab Jumbo Dressed - 12 Count

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(Frozen, Farmed) 12 Crabs - Approximately 3oz - 3.9oz each.
Our jumbo soft shell crabs come from the crystal clear waters of Thailand, and are perfect for grilling. Weighing 3 - 3.9 oz each, these jumbo soft shell crabs are packed with sweet and delicate white meat with large, soft flakes. Each soft shell crab is fully dressed meaning the gills, eyes, mouth, and anything else you’d want to remove are removed for you. Simply thaw, cook and enjoy our jumbo soft shell crabs anytime of the year.
Each crab is DNA tested to ensure that no substitutions are being harvested and sold.
Every soft shell crab from Handy Seafood is immediately frozen after being dressed to ensure peak-quality and freshness.
Fishermen wait until each mangrove crab is naturally molting, creating the soft outer shell, before the crabs are processed.
No water added results in true flavor and crab that won’t shrink considerably after cooking.
Handy Seafood is a founding member of the NFI Crab Council, committing to sustainable crab harvesting and the maintenance of successful crab fisheries for local and international economies.
Handy Seafood is BRC A-rated, the highest standard of international food safety management systems that a company can acquire.
Dating back to 1894, Handy Seafood is the oldest seafood processor in America, and has taken incredible strides to protect the environmental changes we’re seeing in the seafood industry currently.

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