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Tartuflanghe Freeze-dried Pesto (1.4 oz | 40 g)

$19.95 each

Pesto powder: a new texture for the most typical Italian sauce that maintains the original flavor of the fresh Genovese Pesto. An innovative technique that does not imply cooking, preserves the original characteristics of fresh basil and other ingredients. A condiment that is versatile and can at the same time enrich a simple preparation as well as transform a caprese salad, pastas, pizzas, fish courses, mozzarella and burratas in a refined and elegant way. Ingredients: POD Genovese Basil, DOP Parmigiano Reggiano cheese (milk, salt, rennet), pine seeds, POD Fiore Sardo (sheep milk, rennet, salt), garlic from Vessalico.

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