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Whole Green Olives - 1 Quart

$15.00 each

Our whole green olives feature a memorable taste, with its bright green body. These olives have a smooth surface that comes with a slightly meaty body. As green olives are raw when picked, and extremely bitter; we prepare these green olives for you. Using a traditional technique, and few key ingredients we are able to bring down the bitter flavor of these green olives while offering you a tasteful crunch. With their slightly salty and bitterness these whole green olives can be consumed once chopped and topped on any salad, sandwich, burger, pasta, or pizza of your choice. So you can add a savory note, and texture to any dish of your choice. Currently, the whole green olives are one of our best and refreshing treats we have to offer. With their one of a kind taste and endless benefits, the green olives are a great addition to any meal.