How do you like it sliced?

It’s that time of year again—summer has come to an end, the school buses slow traffic down to a crawl, kids march grudgingly back to school, and busy parents spend more of their precious time at the deli counter. Many shoppers are very particular about the way they order their sliced meats and cheeses, and with good reason. They know exactly how much of each item they need to pack several days of lunches down to the quarter of a pound, which variety of items make the best sandwiches, exactly how they’d like each item sliced and packaged, and even whom they prefer to help them at the deli counter.

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B&A Pork Store

We took some time to visit Bob Brannigan, owner of B&A Pork Store in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, to learn about the importance of owning a business that offers the freshest ingredients, and how Mercato has helped his business.