Holiday Dessert Round-Up!

December and the year-end holidays are all about decadence! The decorations, the parties, the drinks, the FOOD! Cakes, cookies, truffles, and pie are just a few of the desserts we love to treat ourselves to during this jolly time of year! So do yourselves a favor…save the diets for January and enjoy the festive indulgences we all look forward to during the Holidays! Here’s a taste of our favorites of the season:

Gingersnap Cookies


Gingerbread men are the quintessential holiday cookie. Who could resist those sweet treats, that are almost too cute to eat? If it pains you to bite into these irresistibly adorable cookies, perhaps the simpler (but equally delicious) Gingersnap Cookies from Amy’s Bread is your answer! Find them at Amy’s Bread throughout Manhattan in The Village, Hell’s KitchenChelsea Market and The Pantry by Amy’s Bread.

Sugar Cookies


Nothing says Christmas like sugar cookies! Kids and adults alike enjoy decorating them as much as they do eating them! Not into decorating? We have you covered…try the already Decorated Christmas Sugar Cookies from Amy’s Bread; available in The Village, Hell’s Kitchen, and Chelsea Market. We won’t tell your friends that Amy’s did the decorating for you 😉

Greek Christmas Cookies – Kourabiedes


Slightly crumbly, slightly sweet a little nutty and totally delicious! The Kourabiedes or “Greek Christmas Cookie” is a like a buttery snowball that just melts in your mouth. As a matter of fact, the Greek Christmas Cookie goes by many names across different cultures; one of which are “Snowballs,” Russian Tea Cookies and Mexican Wedding Cakes. No matter what you decide to call them, your taste buds will thank you!

Looking for some more Greek delights? Try the also popular, Melomakarona this holiday season. Both traditional Christmas cookies can be found at Titan Foods. Enjoy!

Holiday Fruit Cake


The Holiday Fruit Cake may get a bad rap, but try the one from Amy’s Bread and your guests will surely be delighted! Mixed with nuts and dried fruit, this Christmas bread that often has a reputation of being dry, dull or boring, is anything but that! Many cultures also have their own variation of the infamous cake; for example, the German Christmas Stollen or the Italian Panettone. Whichever you choose, grab one today and don’t be shy about giving these traditional Christmas cakes as gifts to the ones you love! Available at Amy’s Bread in The Village, Hell’s Kitchen, and Chelsea Market.



Rugelach are a beloved Jewish dessert, enjoyed during the holidays or any time of year! The flaky dough and chocolate and fruit fillings are a deliciously irresistible bite. The best part; they’re small enough that you won’t feel guilty going for seconds! Try the many varieties of Rugelach this holiday: Raspberry Rugelach, Apricot Rugelach, and Clementine & Ginger Rugelach can all be found at Shelsky’s of Brooklyn Appetizing & Delicatessen. P.S. If you like rugelach, try Shelsky’s Homemade Chocolate Babka too!

Fresh Raspberry Rugulah Cookies, Apricot Rugulah Cookies, and Cinnamon Rugulah Cookies can also be found at Veniero’s Pastry (same cookie, different spelling!)

Pecan Pie


Nothing says decadence like a bite of Pecan Pie. A buttery crust and an insanely sweet pecan filling is a popular holiday dessert made famous in Southern cuisine. But lucky for us, we don’t have to travel down South this holiday to get a slice of our own! Try the crowd-pleasing pecan pies from Mia’s Bakery and Amy’s Bread in The Village, Hell’s Kitchen, and Chelsea Market.



Need a last-minute gift idea? Chocolate Truffles are your answer! Everyone loves a box of chocolates. Each sweet, velvety bite will remind them of the holidays and you for thinking of a gift they can enjoy even after all the festivities are over.

Find the best truffles and chocolate gifts at Li-Lac Chocolates.

These are just a few of our favorites. Let us know what yours are! We’d love to hear from you!

Wishing you a holiday filled with delicious moments and sweet memories
Happy Holidays from Mercato!

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