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Welcome to Mercato!

Call us nostalgic, but we remember when (not that long ago!) people shopped in a completely different way. Instead of wearily trudging to the local chain supermarket or defeatedly ordering takeout, they popped into their favorite butcher shop, bakery and vegetable market and asked their local purveyor: What’s good today? before setting off to make dinner from the best ingredients around.

What a luxury that seems like now. With our universally hectic pace of life, it’s hard to remember this way of life, or to realize the long-term effects of a homogenous food culture. The legacy of our founder Bobby Brannigan’s father’s Italian grocery in Brooklyn served as a catalyst for creating Mercato’s online marketplace for the best artisans and purveyors to sell and deliver their fine foods to the community – with a convenience factor that benefits everyone.

It’s not just delicious, it’s socially conscious. Neighborhoods keep their unique charm when the diverse offerings of passionate purveyors and small business owners can thrive. Their denizens get to eat the best food, delivered at their convenience. In the industry, we call this a win-win.

This blog is a place to discover delicious foods, learn more about our merchants and share great ideas about shopping, cooking and eating. We look forward to hearing about how you put the best foods on your table and how you help keep your neighborhoods alive with great food. Bon appétit!