B&A Pork Store

We took some time to visit Bob Brannigan, owner of B&A Pork Store in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, to learn about the importance of owning a business that offers the freshest ingredients, and how Mercato has helped his business.

You can have the best of everything!

There was a time when you could hand-pick the freshest produce or learn about what’s in-season from the neighborhood grocer you knew by name. When you could savor the aroma of just-baked bread at the bakery, then head over to the butcher to pick up choice beef, cut to order.

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Food assortment

Welcome to Mercato!

Call us nostalgic, but we remember when (not that long ago!) people shopped in a completely different way. Instead of wearily trudging to the local chain supermarket or defeatedly ordering takeout, they popped into their favorite butcher shop, bakery and vegetable market and asked their local purveyor: What’s good today? before setting off to make dinner from the best ingredients around.

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