You can have the best of everything!

There was a time when you could hand-pick the freshest produce or learn about what’s in-season from the neighborhood grocer you knew by name. When you could savor the aroma of just-baked bread at the bakery, then head over to the butcher to pick up choice beef, cut to order.

Today you don’t have time to shop that way. But you still want the fresh seafood, expertly-crafted cheeses and carefully sourced, organic produce.

Mercato’s online marketplace brings the best specialty food shops and artisans in your neighborhood together and puts them online, where you can shop 24 hours a day, everyday, using any device.

Browse Mercato’s curated selections to discover something new or shop for favorites. Pick up your order or have it delivered to your door, often on our electric green trikes. Like you, Mercato wants a sustainable, carbon neutral environment.

You can have the best of everything, with Mercato.

It’s fast, convenient and affordable.

Enter your zip code and open the door to crafted fine foods, delivered to you.

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