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Did you know Bobby Brannigan, CEO & founder of Mercato, is actually the son of a butcher? Growing up in his father’s store, he learned how hard work, perseverance, and of course a quality product, are the fundamentals of a successful business! His passion for food lead him to start Mercato; where butchers, bakeries and all types of specialty food shops could be shared with all, easily and conveniently! Learn more about the popular Butcher Shops available to you through Mercato…
Who’s your favorite butcher? We’ll give your taste buds some options!

B&A Pork Store

Located in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, B&A Pork Store has been serving the community for over 40 years. Owner, Bob Brannigan Sr. originally started off only offering pork products and evolved into prepared foods (we recommend the rice balls), all types of meats and specialty items like his famous, hand-made fresh mozzarella! Today, B&A Pork Store is able to reach the masses with National Shipping.

Enjoy the tastes of an authentic Italian Pork Store from Brooklyn with the click of button! Buon Appetito!

Honest Chops Butchery

Three friends – Russell, Bassam and Khalid – were frustrated by the lack of decent halal meat options in New York City. They wanted to create a transparent and radically simple meat store accessible to all New Yorkers. From their farms to their butchers to your kitchen, Honest Chops promises to be honest all along. The proof is in the meat – the delicious, ethically-sourced, halal meat! Try for yourself and taste the difference…

Honest Chops is one of our most popular butcher shops in Manhattan. Try their wide selection of halal meats. National Shipping Available!

Paulina Market

If you’re in the Chicago area and looking for quality meats, look no further than Paulina Market. Paulina’s has always been a Butcher Shop, Sausage-Maker, and Smokehouse…now they’re also a commercial kitchen and a specialty grocer. For everything from weeknight dinners to those special occasion roasts, enjoy the best-quality fresh meat and poultry at this local family-owned butcher shop.

At Paulina Market, “sausage [is] our specialty”Manhattan. Try their wide selection of halal meats. National Shipping available!
At Paulina Market in Chicago, “sausage [is] our specialty.”

Schatzie the Butcher

Tony Schatzie, a fourth-generation butcher, started keeping the cash register in his father’s store on Jerome Avenue in the Bronx at the age of 11. Sixty years later, Schatzie’s is still a family run establishment. Father and son proudly service Manhattan with high-quality meats, including USDA prime beef, Colorado lamb, milk-fed veal, pork, sausages and free-range poultry. Schatzie the Butcher has become particularly famous for one thing: his high-quality burger meat, which he grinds up fresh every 30 minutes in the shop, and also cooks and serves at the burger joint next door!

One of NYC's most popular and classic meat markets: Schatzie the Butcher
One of NYC’s most popular and classic meat markets: Schatzie the Butcher.

Schaller & Weber

Schaller & Weber was the cornerstone of what was once called Yorkville, a flourishing German area of New York City. People spoke German on the street and would eat the foods that reminded them of their homeland. Today, the neighborhood may have changed, but Schaller & Weber still stands the test of time. Now in it’s third generation, Schaller & Weber boast the City’s largest selection of hard-to-find traditional German specialties and award-winning charcuterie products.

Did someone say Schnitzel?
Did someone say Schnitzel?

So now we ask you again…who’s your favorite butcher?

Mmm... sausage!

These are just a sample of the many amazing butcher shops available at Mercato. Try these and many others today!

B&A Pork Store, Honest Chops Butchery, Paulina Market, Schatzie the Butcher, Schaller & WeberOttomanelli & Sons Meat Market, Muncan Food Corporation, Dickson’s Farmstand Meats, Paisanos Butcher Shop, Harlem Shambles, Japan Premium Beef, Sorriso’s Italian Salumeria, Balady Foods, Lorimer Market, and more…


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