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This is how to choose the best cash register for your...

Whether its iPad cash registers, mPOS, ECR or another Point of Sale system, find out more about choosing the right cash registers to fit your business and how consumer data can help you make business decisions.

Tips for Successful Inventory Management

Accurate inventory tracking is important for food and produce businesses. Learn how to match customer demand by keeping track of your stock in real-time with POS and other management software.

Common Credit Card Processing Mistakes (you’re probably making)

How to avoid costly mistakes when it comes to credit card processing. Consumer trends show a preference for credit over cash. Mercato will demonstrate why card processing best practices are important for food merchants to know.

Inventory 101

Learn how to manage inventory effectively and how to calculate inventory turnover in real-time to avoid overstocking and meet customer demands.

Does your store need an iPad cash register?

What are the pros and cons of using an iPad cash register for your specialty food store? One small business owner calculated that she saved over $10,000 by switching to an iPad POS system. Mercato gives the rundown on what food merchants need to know about POS software and hardware.

How to Handle Excess Inventory

How to avoid overstocking inventory. Fresh produce can be hard to manage. Learn how to handle excess inventory and practice waste reduction at your small business - and how this will save you money.

Popular POS and Bookkeeping Software for Food Merchants

Find the best POS and bookkeeping software for your grocery or store. For low to no monthly fees, credit card transactions and payment processing can become a lot easier.