How To Profit From Launching an Online Grocery Store in 2020


Building an online grocery store used to be a challenge because of small profit margins, but 2020 has surged the grocery eCommerce world to new heights. The profitability of online grocery delivery is ingrained in the recent trends of your customers, who are ordering more and more essentials online. Here are a few tips on how you can profit from launching your grocery store online.

Avoid Online Costs For Your Business

The surge of grocery eCommerce has led the industry to grow in 2020 so much so that it achieved trends that were projected to happen in 2023 and 2024, according to Bain and Company. With Mercato, your grocery store is able to remove the friction of delivery fees that usually come with an online platform, and help you drive your grocery sales. Mercato saw a 5,000% increase in total sales and 268.75% increase in app downloads from Q1 to Q2 in early 2020. By partnering with Mercato, you can reap those profits that other businesses are seeing. Advertising and exposing your best products online with Mercato can help acquire new online shoppers, while also increasing in-store shoppers.

Pick The Platform That Is Right For You

One of the most important things for your grocery store is picking an online platform that caters to the way your business operates. There are several platforms that can put your grocery store online, but Mercato is the only one specifically molded and crafted for independent grocery stores. At Mercato, we understand how an independent store operates, and we help you expand and further your business. Increasing the retention of customers is also important for your business. With Mercato Green, our delivery membership program, members shop 5 times as often as customers who are not members.

Stand Out Amongst Competitors

2020 is a perfect year to start selling groceries online, since the grocery eCommerce market is quickly and rapidly growing. One-third of Americans shop online, and 70% of Americans plan to shop online for essentials, like groceries, in the near future. Stores all over the nation, as well as grocery giants such as Walmart, Amazon and Kroger, are jumping into, or expanding, grocery delivery and pickup to meet the demand of their customers. With so much competition and platforms for grocery delivery, it’s important that independent grocery stores and small businesses stand out among the competition as much as possible. 

Mercato helps you distribute your signature local favors to people in your community more than ever before by advertising your grocery store’s products online to people in your area who want to shop for them. Our app allows you to display your high quality local products front and center. People love to support small business, and those who order their groceries online can now jump into enjoying your fresh and high quality ingredients all from the comfort of their own home.

If you want to join the other stores who have seen tremendous growth by putting their grocery stores online, contact Mercato and learn how you can expand your business through an online marketplace.

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