3 Things You Should Know Before Putting Your Grocery Store Online


So you’re looking to expand your grocery store into the realm of eCommerce? Smart idea! The eCommerce world is rapidly changing, and a lot of businesses that traditionally rely on in-person sales are adopting online platforms. This includes grocery stores, who have seen a lot of their growth through the changing eCommerce world. Before putting your grocery store online however, it’s important that you understand these three key things about the grocery eCommerce world.

1. There is more demand for grocery delivery than ever before.

Online shopping has seen an unprecedented uptick in 2020, with delivery services like UberEats and Amazon hiring tens of thousands of delivery drivers to supplement the increased demand of eCommerce. The economy is changing rapidly, and it favors delivery. This is especially true for grocery stores, which have seen an exponential amount of growth since 2019. Grocery delivery and pickup are ever-evolving and fast-growing. Many shoppers, especially those who are technologically inclined, are turning to online shopping rather than browsing store aisles. 

Online grocery sales increased by 22% in 2019, and stand to surge upwards of 40% in 2020. Delivery platforms like Mercato saw a 5,000% increase in total sales and 268.75% increase in app downloads from Q1 to Q2 in early 2020.  

2. Delivery comes with fierce competition.

2020 has been the year of delivery. Companies such as Amazon, Walmart and Kroger have all expanded their grocery delivery and pickup programs to supplement increased demand of the growing eCommerce grocery market. Several online platforms have emerged to serve the needs of the grocery industry, like Doordash, Instacart and Mercato.

These powerhouse industry leaders have also normalized the idea of “free” delivery in customers’ minds.

In order to stay relevant, independent grocers must provide their customers with a delivery membership program. By removing the friction of delivery fees and retention increases! Here at Mercato, we’ve seen that customers who are members of our delivery membership program, Mercato Green, shop 5 times as often as a customer who is not a member.

3. Online grocery shopping is the future.

One-third of Americans shop online, and 70% of Americans plan on shopping for essentials, like groceries, in the near future. The eCommerce world continues to expand and bring the grocery store world with it. In addition to increased sales, grocers benefit from revolutionary tactics like online marketing. By leveraging consumer demographic data and eCommerce data, grocery stores can run targeted product and promotional ads to acquire even more customers. 

Mercato can help move your business into the future. They help provide data and analysis for the products sold through their platform and advertise your products on high-traffic websites like Facebook, which is used by 70% of adults. And through digital advertising techniques like search engine optimization (SEO), your business will be sure to get valuable customers through the internet.

Now you’re in the know! If your business is ready to enter the world of grocery eCommerce, contact Mercato, and learn how you can begin increasing your sales right away.

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