Mercato Must-Have: Halal Meats

Not only is this week’s must-have one of our favorites, but a Mercato customer favorite as well! We know many of you have already tried the Halal products from one of our top merchants, Honest Chops Butchery, but we’re determined to have you all try it! See what makes Halal Meats so popular, and sooo delicious!

Most of us have probably heard of the term “Halal” and either embraced it or shied away from it, not really understanding what it meant. For some, eating Halal is primarily an ethical or faith-based choice. For others, it’s a way to indulge in naturally delicious, tender and juicy meats.

In short, Halal is Arabic for “permitted” or “lawful.” Halal meats adhere to Islamic law, as defined by the Koran. Special care and respect is taken in the way the animals are treated; ultimately minimizing the suffering when the animal is slaughtered. For meat to be certified as “Halal,” it also needs to be butchered from certain parts of the animal. For example, any cut of meat from hindquarters is forbidden, as well as any pork.

Those who consume Halal products, say that the taste and quality of the meat is superior to any other. And we agree!  The rich flavors that result from the careful upbringing of these animals is truly remarkable. So, if you’re new to Halal Meats, get your hands on these…

Our Top 5 Must-Haves from Honest Chops:

1. Halal Skinless Whole Cage-Free Chicken: Roasted, stuffed or grilled, the hormone-free chicken pieces are the answer to a quick and easy meal!


2. Halal Short Rib Brisket Burgers: Patties made from Honest Chops’ own certified organic, pasture-raised, grass-fed short rib brisket. Order plenty, because once you indulge in these burgers you’ll never want a burger from anywhere else!


3. Halal Chicken Pathan Patties: Named by a dear friend of Honest Chops’, the Pathan patty is a chicken patty seasoned with turmeric, cumin and house spices. These light, yet flavorful patties, will have your taste buds in a delightful frenzy. Made fresh every day in store!


4. The 9th Degree Sausages: A fiery organic beef sausage that gets its flavor from sweet paprika and a blend of house spices.  Eat it grilled, broiled, or pan-fried and served in a bun.


5. Halal Organic Beef Pinwheel: Baby leaf spinach & provolone cheese rolled in organic grass-fed beef. Throw it in the oven and within fifteen minutes you have an amazing meal ready to go! Made fresh on store premises daily!


Taste the difference for yourself! Try these and many of the other Halal products offered at Honest Chops Butchery today!

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