Top 10 Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving is upon us! The one day of the year we all put our diets aside and indulge in succulent turkey legs, buttery mashed potatoes and a big ol’ slice of homemade pumpkin pie! Good food and good company make for memorable Thanksgivings. Here’s our Top Ten list of Thanksgiving classics. Which of these favorites will you bring to the table this year?

1.  Turkey

The undeniable star of the show. The turkey is the main centerpiece to any Thanksgiving meal. Choose from free-range, cage-free, organic, halal and more. But whatever you do, make sure not to overcook it! Find them at B&A Pork Store, Paisanos Butcher Shop, Honest Chops Butchery and Schatzie the Butcher. (Not sure which turkey is best for you and your guests? Check out our How-To Guide for Buying Your Next Thanksgiving Turkey.)

Did you know? The National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation is an annual event hosted at the White House shortly before Thanksgiving day each year. The event dates back to the 1940’s, where the President of the United States was presented with a live, domestic turkey (which inevitably became dinner). However since 1989, the tradition has been to “pardon” the turkey – allowing it to enjoy a more tranquil holiday back at the farm…

2.  Spiral Ham

The holiday ham is another staple in many Thanksgiving meals. Honey glazes, marmalades, mustards and fruit are all used to help flavor the meat – but more importantly, keep it moist!

3.  Stuffing

Nothing beats the doughy, salty, and sometimes slightly sweet, side dish that goes hand-in-hand with any traditional Thanksgiving meal. Skip the boxed stuff and try a homemade stuffing recipe this year. Find the best whole grain and sourdough breads to get you started at Amy’s Bread.

4.  Cranberry Sauce

Whether you serve canned or fresh, cranberry sauce is the perfect sweet complement to your turkey dinner. Cook up a fresh batch, and make sure to leave some extra for leftover turkey & stuffing sandwiches the next day! Get your cranberry sauce fixings at East Village Organic.

5.  Mashed Potatoes

Fluffy, buttery and pillow-like. The mashed potato is a Thanksgiving, melt-in-your-mouth, must have. Pour a little gravy on top…heaven! Whip up a batch with a variety of potatoes from East Village Organic, Back to the Land and To the World Farm. Or, get a batch already prepared for you from Dellapietras.

6.  Sweet Potatoes

Steam them, fry them, bake them…or throw some marshmallows on top! The sweet potato is delicious any way you make it! Even if classic mashed potatoes are already on the menu, don’t forget the sweet potato counterpart at your Thanksgiving table. Find them at East Village Organic, Back to the Land and To the World Farm.

7.  Green Beans

We indulge in meat and carbs all Thanksgiving day, but we must leave some room on our plates for a little green! The classic green bean casserole has a crunchy French onion top that will make you feel good about eating your veggies. Stock up on your green beans and onions at East Village Organic, Back to the Land and To the World Farm.

8.  Corn

Whether fresh off the stalk or cooked, corn is both delicious and nutritious! Corn casserole, corn chowder, creamed corn and cornbread are just a few of the staples many Americans enjoy with their Thanksgiving dinners. Enjoy some fresh corn found at To the World Farm.

9.  Apple Pie

There’s nothing more American than an apple pie! Sweet and tender apples mixed with cinnamon and sugar and a buttery crust make for a perfect dessert. The beautifully designed apple cross pies from Pasticceria Rocco and Mia’s Bakery will be sure to impress. Try the Apple Crumb Pie from Mia’s for a little twist to the original.

10.  Pumpkin Pie

We hear about “Pumpkin Everything” all season long, but no one can deny THE Pumpkin Pie on Thanksgiving Day. We all leave a little room for the sweet, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove flavors that epitomize the classic pie birthed from the mother of all squash! Our current favorite; the Pumpkin Pie from Mia’s Bakery.

Here at Mercato, we’re grateful for the bounty of food that is available to us to prepare and enjoy with each day. We wish you a happy, and delicious, Thanksgiving with your friends & family! Gobble, Gobble…and Enjoy! ?

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