How to leverage eCommerce to boost your grocery sales


The eCommerce world is in an upward spiral, with 2020 acting as a catalyst that has accelerated online sales to a new all-time high. One-third of Americans shop online, and 70% of Americans plan on shopping for essentials, like groceries, in the near future. Online ordering and delivery platforms like Mercato can help take your grocery store to new heights by leveraging the many benefits of eCommerce.

eCommerce is a sales powerhouse.

eCommerce sales are expanding rapidly, with 2020 accelerating an already growing amount of  eCommerce sales landscape at a faster pace than it was growing years before. According to Coresight Research, U.S online grocery store sales will surge in 2020. The surge of grocery eCommerce has led the industry to grow in 2020 so much so that it achieved trends that were projected to happen in 2023 and 2024, according to Bain and Company. The profitability of online grocery delivery is ingrained in the recent trends of your customers, who are ordering more and more essentials online.

The cons of grocery eCommerce used to outway the pros. The profit margins for a grocery store didn’t make it economical to invest your hard earned money into something that only had a small chance to break you even. But since then, times have changed. All grocery stores are going into the market and investing in an eCommerce platform. 

2020 is the perfect year to start riding the wave of eCommerce and start competing with the big name companies like Kroger, Amazon and Walmart, who are taking the majority of the customers looking to buy groceries online. This is not even considering the countless grocery stores in your area who are using apps like Instacart to boost their sales. 

If you don’t adopt an online platform, you won’t be competing with the other stores that have eCommerce platforms and potentially lose your customers as a result. Mercato is an online ordering and delivery platform created exclusively for independent grocery stores, and can help you outshine your online competitors with all your fresh and specialty products.

Use eCommerce to engage with your customers.

One of the most important elements of expanding your business is through an advertising and social media presence. The digital age is all about exposure, and eCommerce helps you take hold of that exposure and turn it into an all powerful tool. 

Mercato advertises your independent grocery store’s products on high traffic websites like Facebook, which is used by 70% of adults, and can help you expand your business by showing your products to those in your area who want them. Allowing all those customers, whether they be new or frequent shoppers, to buy your products with one click is a huge advantage. Advertising and exposing your best products online with Mercato can help acquire new, online shoppers, but it can also increase in-store shoppers as well.

Use eCommerce to grow your business.

Since 2019, eCommerce is where grocery stores have been finding their main source of growth. This is because eCommerce is a fast growing sales channel. Recent trends with delivery subscriptions and contactless delivery are helping customers get more comfortable with ordering groceries from their homes. With eCommerce platforms like Mercato, you’ll also be able to track your eCommerce analytics, including popular product searches, and gain insight into your customer’s demographics. 

By partnering with Mercato, you can showcase your products and make it easy to shop at your store by bringing your grocery store online. Join Mercato and sell more groceries than you ever have before!

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