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Common Legal Mistakes Your Shop Can Avoid

Avoid these common legal mistakes to keep your customers safe. Protect your food store from common legal mistakes that can lead to food poisoning, slip and fall injuries, and more.

Surprising Reasons Why Your Food Business Needs Insurance

Learning about insurance policies can be overwhelming. Here are six things you didn't know about insurance that will help you protect your business.

Resource Guide for Starting a Food Store

Start a specialty or independent food business now. This resource directory is a collection of useful leads, all in one place. Follow this directory guide for creating a specialty food shop in your area.

Navigating the Minimum Wage Increase for Independent Grocery Stores

Minimum wage increases don't have to hurt your grocery or food business. Mercato suggests solutions for merchants to navigate the increases. See whether increasing prices or optimizing labor is a better strategy for you.

How to Profit From Online Grocery Trends – On Your Own...

Brick and mortar grocery stores can compete with giants like Amazon and Walmart by going online. With grocery delivery, you can successfully expand your business.

Learning How to Succeed Online From Grocery Giants

Successful grocery chains like Kroger and Walmart allow customers to shop online. Now you can learn how to win the grocery war and compete with the largest supermarkets.

How to successfully hire and train employees for your grocery store

Your employee training program can give your grocery or specialty food business a competitive edge. Read our training tips and ideas to improve customer service in your store. Successful staff training is important for more reasons than you might think.

Legal Resource Directory for Small Businesses

A directory of legal resources and a guide to get your small business started. Whether you are a grocery, specialty food merchant, craft purveyor or other small food business - Mercato is here to help.