Mercato Featured in Gourmet News

Online Platform Offers Ease and Customer Service by Lorrie Baumann
April 2019

Lorrie Baumann from Gourmet News interviewed Mercato Co-founder and CEO Bobby Brannigan at the NGA show in San Diego. In her article, Baumann highlights how Brannigan grew up working in his family’s Brooklyn, New York, grocery store, and how that experience informs Mercato’s dedication to helping independent grocers across the U.S. to compete by creating an online shopping service that provides the same high-quality shopping experience as customers enjoy in their neighborhood stores. Gourmet News also outlines how independents can easily get onto Mercato’s online ordering and delivery platform, the ease at which grocers can add stock on a dedicated webpage with Mercato’s library of over 600,000 grocery item images or their own custom photos, and quickly integrate with their existing POS solution. Read the full article here.

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