Mercato included in Internet Retailer/Digital Commerce 360 article

March 27, 2019

In the article, Bill Bishop, chief architect at Brick Meets Click, a consultancy for grocery retailers and the CPG industry, states that online sales of food, beverages, toothpaste, and other consumer packaged goods (CPGs) are growing much faster than offline sales and grocery retailers are investing in ecommerce for the same reasons other retailers do: To acquire and retain customers in order to compete with Amazon and their peers. According to Bishop, the first grocer to introduce ecommerce in a local market is typically seeking to acquire customers, while those that follow do so to retain customers.

The piece also highlights Mercato merchant Lobster Place, which operates in New York City’s Chelsea Market. According to Lobster Place Retail and Restaurant Director Davis Herron, the seafood market considers ecommerce a way to maintain its local customers while allowing the company to service its online business with minimal effort.  Read the article here (free subscription required to access).

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