Produce Blue Book Spotlights Mercato’s Positive Impact on High-End Grocers

Independent grocers find their niche in tech as well by Greg Johnson
June 25, 2019

Mercato is identified as a major force in enabling local independent grocers to compete with large chains in this Produce Blue Book article. The contributing factor: Mercato allows independents a place in the growing digital retail landscape, in which larger markets invest more every year.

Produce Blue Book interviews Brian Waldman, vice president of marketing at Mercato, who outlines Mercato’s focus – appealing directly to a retailer’s customers while integrating the store into an established network. Julie Damico, Hyde Park Produce owner/manager in Chicago, explains how working with Mercato not only improved business during slower seasons, but also how easily Hyde Park adopted Mercato into its workflow.

Read the full article here.

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