San Diego Union Tribune features Mercato and Independent Grocery Store Windmill Farms

Mercato Co-founder and CEO Bobby Brannigan with an armful of local produce
Mom and pop grocery stores are dying off in San Diego. Can this tech entrepreneur save them? by Brittany Meiling
April 26, 2019

Business news writer Brittany Meiling covers Mercato’s move to San Diego and outlines the startup as the solution for independent grocers to compete and grow online sales. The article profiles Mercato CEO and Co-Founder Bobby Brannigan, detailing how his experience working in his father’s Brooklyn butcher shop and his tech experience as the drivers of Mercato’s growth. The writer also interviews Matt Mann, manager of San Diego market and Mercato merchant Windmill Farms, who details the lack of response he received from his calls to larger online delivery companies and illustrates what makes Mercato the best online grocery platform for independents.

Read more to learn how Mercato provides POS integration so grocers can match their stock in Mercato’s online marketplace, the ability for stores to keep their own delivery system or let Mercato handle it for them, and critical marketing to local consumers. Full article here.

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