Do’s and Don’ts of engaging with your customers online

Follow social media do’s and don’ts for employers to build the best online presence. Reading advice for engaging customers online can help your business avoid a social media fail.

Social Media is a strategic and helpful way to connect yourself with your customers, boost leads and sales, and bring an online presence and awareness about your brand. To learn more about getting your online store noticed, check out this post for tips. We live in a technological world, in which, about three billion users use social media platforms a month.

Why is Social Media Important in Business Marketing?

According to Ignite Visibility, almost 90% of marketers said that their social media efforts increased their exposure for their business and their online traffic. But, it is also greatly important to use the right tactics and social channels to keep customers interested and not bore or irritate them with filler updates, or else, customers will unfollow your account. Here are some statistics on what followers do when brands exhibit annoying behaviors.

Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of creating an online platform and engaging with your customers.

The Do’s of Social Media

It’s crucial to get the right tactics down on social media platforms because trends and ideas are constantly changing rapidly because there’s always something new or “popular”. Which is why it’s important to keep updated with the different techniques, so you can stand out among your competitors and not fall back on the newest trends.

Complete Your Social Media Profiles

It’s difficult for users and customers to trust your social media accounts if they’re not completely filled with the necessary details since it lacks its credibility and reliability. You don’t want customers overlooking your profile because it looks outdated and less professional. The first click the user makes on your profile will be their first impression, so be sure to fill out all the profile details with correct information regarding your business and an easy or catchy name that portrays your brand. Finally, don’t forget to choose an avatar or a profile picture containing the logo of your business, so it catches your customers eyes.

Interact With Your Audiences

It’s important to communicate with your followers if they leave comments or questions on your photos because you want them to feel like you’re listening to their ideas and concerns over your products or services. Whether it be sending a friendly reply back to a question or putting up different polls for customers to get involved and share their voices on what dish or product they like best, it’s key to keep followers included. Don’t be a business that doesn’t offer solutions to their problems regarding your business. Below is a data chart that collected the type of behaviors consumers want from brands on social media platforms.

Stay Updated With New Tools and Features

There are constant updates being made with today’s major social media apps whether it be creating your own gif or decorating your photo with stickers and special effects, the possibilities are truly endless. This is the main reason why you should be attentive to the changing trends, so you can include these new features into your own platforms entertaining and catching the eyes of your followers. Here are some popular apps that’ll amplify your visual game.

  1. Boomerang: An app that records people doing an action or a move in a few seconds creating a gif looking video. This app has been popular because of its easiness of working it and efficiency in delivering a captivating mini looped video.
  2. Glitché: This app is the ultimate tool in creating colorful edits and moving videos that can be edited to look robotic, glitchy, bent, or the other special effects that the app offers. This app will be the ultimate tool in editing your plain photos to top-notch art pieces.
  3. Layout: Have too many high-quality photos that you want to upload your products, but don’t know which one to choose? No problem because Layout won’t make you choose since it designs all your pics into a nice collage that you can upload that contains all the pictures you want. The best part is that there are different styles you can choose to form your collage as.

The Don’ts Of Social Media

A social slip can misrepresent your business and give your followers the wrong idea or completely shut their interest off causing them to unfollow you, which is something you DON’T want. Here are some Don’ts to be aware of when posting your next content.

Don’t Forget To Network

You’re not the only user on that social media platform! It’s as important to form connections online as you would in person. You can grow your brand by networking and building relationships with other businesses or social media influencers, so you work on future collaborations or mutually promote each other. The more exposure you have among different audiences, the better.

Don’t Delete Negative Comments

No business is perfect in every aspect, so don’t expect your comments section to only be filled with praise and positive comments. Removing those negative comments gets rid of your authenticity because it seems like you’re trying to cover up the bad experiences or products when you should be direct and apologize and offer a solution to those negative comments. Show customers that you are a business willing to improve upon these issues and that you aim to serve your customers.

Don’t Overuse Hashtags

Adding hashtags helps you connect your post to other posts and categorize it to where it belongs, but overusing them like inserting them between every single word can look unappealing and make users think its a spam post. Using it correctly by inserting a few relevant ones to your post will both increase your online visibility and following.

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