Supermarket Perimeter features Mercato in article about ecommerce and the store perimeter

Perimeter cover depicting automated shopping experiences
E-challenges by Ryan Atkinson
May 2019

Supermarket Perimeter examines the slow and steady shift towards online grocery sales and delivery in its May 2019 issue.  The publication sites one of the biggest challenges being that there still isn’t a perfect way for consumers to order, and for retailers to package and deliver, the items from the fresh perimeter. Mercato Vice President of Marketing Brian Waldman provides the following advice to readers, “I think the industry has to address those things to make people feel more comfortable that they’re going to get the same quality product delivered to them from online as they will in the store.”

Mercato is different because it gives consumers the ability to add notes and preferences to their online orders to independent grocers and specialty food shops, and the retailers themselves hand select and package each order to ensure the very best is delivered.

Waldman also tells the publication that it’s important for online grocery delivery companies to know their customers’ challenges and needs. Mercato Founder and CEO Bobby Brannigan grew up working in his parents’ butcher shop and grocery store in Brooklyn, informing every way Mercato serves the independent, neighborhood grocer. “He basically built Mercato for his Dad’s store and then began taking it to others…The focus from the very beginning has always been on independent grocers and empowering them to compete with the big chains by providing them with more than just a platform to host their e-commerce website and delivery services,” says Waldman.

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