Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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How following neighborhood demographics can bring in cash for your Grocery...

Get a leg up in the grocery war. Start using the demographic information in your neighborhood to better cater to your customers.

Hiring Online: Find the Right Employees for Your Food Store

Find the best candidates for your food business through online job platforms. Part-time or full-time, ensure your quality products are being sold by quality employees.

Common Credit Card Processing Mistakes (you’re probably making)

How to avoid costly mistakes when it comes to credit card processing. Consumer trends show a preference for credit over cash. Mercato will demonstrate why card processing best practices are important for food merchants to know.

Navigating the Minimum Wage Increase for Independent Grocery Stores

Minimum wage increases don't have to hurt your grocery or food business. Mercato suggests solutions for merchants to navigate the increases. See whether increasing prices or optimizing labor is a better strategy for you.

How to make your store an attraction this holiday season

Spread joy and holiday cheer to increase sales. Make your store an attraction during the holiday season with these creative ideas.

Do’s and Don’ts of engaging with your customers online

Follow social media do's and don'ts for employers to build the best online presence. Reading advice for engaging customers online can help your business avoid a social media fail.

How to promote and market your specialty food store

Establish your brick and mortar store in your community. Learn clever marketing ideas to sell online and drive foot traffic to your unique business.

How to Profit From Online Grocery Trends – On Your Own...

Brick and mortar grocery stores can compete with giants like Amazon and Walmart by going online. With grocery delivery, you can successfully expand your business.

What You Need to Know About Price Elasticity of Demand

For shop owners and food merchants, understanding price elasticity of demand is important. It helps you maximize profits and know how much you can charge for items without losing customers. Here's what you need to know about supply and demand with straightforward examples.

Learning How to Succeed Online From Grocery Giants

Successful grocery chains like Kroger and Walmart allow customers to shop online. Now you can learn how to win the grocery war and compete with the largest supermarkets.