Security at Mercato

Vulnerability Report

At Mercato, we value the security researcher community and are committed to providing secure products to our customers and merchants. If you believe you've found a security vulnerability that affects Mercato, please report it to us. We welcome vulnerability submissions from everyone, including security researchers, vendors, customers, and institutions.

To report a vulnerability, please email us at and include:

  • Description and location of the vulnerability
  • Proof of concept (PoC) to reproduce the vulnerability
What to expect from Mercato

Once your vulnerability report has been reviewed, you will receive a reply from us to acknowledge that we received your submission. We may reach out to you for any additional questions or clarification. We will also update you when the report has been accepted, as well as resolved. If required, we may also ask for verification that the vulnerability has been fully remediated.

Thank you for helping keep Mercato and our customers safe!

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