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Borgo de Medici Italian Honey Tasting Book

$29.99 each

Product Description
The Italian honey tasting book by Borgo de Medici is an exquisite gift set for every honey connoisseur. The eye-catching box contains six mini-sized jars of sweet, vanilla-like acacia; aromatic and mildly acidic orange; unique chestnut; delicate Alpine flowers; light and fruity Millefiori, also known as wildflower; and, finally, rich and dark forest honey!

Italy is one of the fabled honey producers worldwide, standing out with its unique selection ranging from cherry to jujuba honey! The country offers more than 40 monofloral varieties of regionally produced honey, some of them embellished with the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) mark of quality assigned by the EU.

Borgo de Medici is one of the most prominent Italian brands, leaders in creating specialty foods, loved worldwide. Founded in 1999, Tuscany - this family-run business quickly won the palates of the most demanding gourmands and became a household staple name. The brand takes pride in producing the finest Italian product, from traditional cookies to exquisite truffle condiments, pasta, and many more unique delights.

The honey tasting book by Borgo de Medici will be an exquisite gift for anyone with a sophisticated palate! The enticing assortment of premium quality honey will be a delicious addition to your pantry, too.