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Field Roast

Field Roast Corn Dogs, Premium, Miniature - 10 Ounces

$8.69 each
$5.99 each *

Mini Corn Dogs. Crispy corn battered vegan frankfurters. Made with field roast frankfurters. Vegan. All American vegetarian. Our award-winning Miniature Corn Dogs harken back to county fairs, amusement parks and summertime fun. We begin with our Field Roast Frankfurters, dunk them in a traditional sweet cornbread batter and crisp them to perfection. Enjoy but pace yourself! The yellower the mustard the better! Quality guaranteed. 100% real vegan meat. Original Field Roast. Original grain meat. A blend of European and Asian heritage. Est. 1997. Seattle, WA. wheat; celery; onion; garlic; corn; tomatoes. In 300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles, author Linda Campbell Franklin describes the Krusty Korn Dog baker machine that first appeared in a catalogue in 1929. The korn dogs were baked in a corn batter and resembled ears of corn when cooked. Vegan. Fun. food. Find Field Roast Frankfurters in your grocer's refrigerator list. Give us a call 800-311-9497.