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Galeco Bakalao Choice Boned Salted Codfish - 16 Ounces

$17.99 each

The salted cod is a specialty very popular on the tables of Portugal, Spain and Italy. Bacalhau, or Baccalà, or Bacalao… whathever you call the salted cod, it is a true delight to enjoy all year long. the most popular Portuguese recipes with salt cod are the Bacalhau de nata, cooked in the oven with cream, the Bacalhau à Bras, with potatoes and eggs and the Bolinhos de bacalau, meatballs with salt cod, potatoes and fresh parsley, fried in oil. In Italy the salted cod is very popular in the south, where is mandatory taste the Baccalà alla Siciliana with pine nuts and raisins. In Tuscany the most famous recipe with salt cod was born in the city of Livorno: the Baccalà alla Livornese, cooked in tomato sauce.