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Goat Lady Dairy Snow Camp (Cow Milk, Pasteurized)

$11.19 each

The significance of this cheese's name is threefold - It references the snowy white rind that envelops the cheese. It also refers to the seasonality of Goat Lady Dairy - when the goats are off duty (pregnant and getting ready to kid) in the winter months; this cheese is the farm's bread and butter. Thirdly, it is an homage to one of the first settlements in North Carolina. The cows' milk used to make Snow Camp is sourced from a neighboring farm, and transformed into a delicate bloomy rind button. When young, the cheese is bright, lactic and tangy. Over time the cheese softens and the flavors intensify, evoking creme fraiche, mushrooms and cultured butter. Each wheel weighs 4oz and is aged 4-6 weeks.