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Horseradish Pickles - 1 Gallon

$31.00 each

Our horseradish pickles is the perfect marriage between 1/2 sour and spicy that will just melt your taste buds.Crafted beautifully using traditional methods, topped with our secret spice mix that makes these pickles standout. We take juicy and delicious pickles and add them to a large barrel, along with our secret mix. Letting them sit with each other, and mixing them so the flavor reaches every side of the pickles is the perfect method. As the pickles suck on the flavor and taste, offering you a flavor-packed and crunchy that you would not believe. Making our horseradish pickles the perfect choice for those who love a touch of freshness and spicy at the same time. Once ready, our horseradish pickles are placed in a vacuum-sealed jar that holds onto its exquisite texture and flavor just for you. So when you open the jar and take take a bite, you can feel the joy and happiness taking over you.