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Italian Coffee Tasting Experience Gift Box

$41.90 each

A taste of Italian coffee culture from North to South Italy. Your package includes the following:
- Three (3) 12oz bags of each of artisanal coffee representing the 3 historic styles of coffee roasting: North Italy (Napoli Blend) , Central Italy (L'Aquila), South Italy (Napoli)

-A History of Italian coffee

-A Map of Italian coffee styles

The Artisanal Blends:
Torino (North) - From the city of the king of Italy comes this elegant Northern Italian medium roast blend featuring floral notes, vanilla, almond & peach. With a higher percetage of Arabica & lighter roast this blend delivers more fruit & floral notes and less chocolate and caffeine.
90% Arabica, 10% Super Premium Robusta
Caffeine: Medium Low
Roast: Medium

L'Aquila (Central) Our signature medium dark roast blend representing the historic coffee style of central Italy and high end artisanal coffee style associated with Italian caffe'. Features delicate notes of dried plum, pan dolce & a dark chocolate finish.
75% Arabica, 25% Specially selected Super Premium Robusta
Caffeine: Medium High
Roast: Medium-Dark

Napoli (South) (12 oz bag)
The Napoli blend tells the story of one of Italy’s most intense coffee cities. Napoli blend is made true to the town’s historic coffee roots with a blend of Arabica (jammy fruit notes) and specially selected super-premium Robusta which delivers off the chart caffeine and malty cocoa notes.
65% Arabica, 35% Specially Selected Super Premium Robusta
Caffeine: Very High Roast: Dark